We’ve always believed in pursuing endless snacking possibilities.

That’s why we at KERRIMO believe that, yes, we can; yes, YOU CAN. 

You can enjoy your fries and your drink in one hand, and hold the hand of your loved one with the other. You can indulge in your favourite sweet desserts while keeping your study notes free of crumbs. You can definitely share your savoury snacking delights without having to go to another place to buy a refreshing complement to wash it all down. Because with KERRIMO, kaya mo, carry mo!

/ ke – ree – moh /

Filipino slang; lit. for you to carry; ‘you can carry it’; motivational: ‘you can do it!’ ‘you can handle it!’; meant to exude and imply that anything is possible.

We’ve been doing it for [x] years now.

And if YOU think that you have what it takes to share endless snacking possibilities with the people in your area, contact us for a franchise opportunity today!

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