You can enjoy your fries and your drink in one hand, and hold the hand of your loved one with the other.

You can definitely share your savoury snacking delights without having to go to another place to buy a refreshing complement to wash it all down.
Because with KERRIMO, kaya mo, carry mo!

Flavored Fries​

Hot and crunchy potato fries generously flavoured with salty-savoury cheese, tangy sour cream, zingy barbecue, and flaming hot barbecue!​

Fries with Hotdog

We're serving up comfort food of epic proportions, just like your favorite kiddie party used to serve! kid-favorite mini hotdogs and fries are perfect for any occasion for the kid and the kid at heart.

Fries with Nuggets

Snack time just got an upgrade with your favorite fries combined with satisfying chicken nuggets. Don’t forget the sauce!


Add some zing into your fries by topping them off with juicy mini hotdogs and delightfully savoury chicken nuggets.

Potato Balls​

If fries aren’t your thing, then these bite-sized treats which are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside might satisfy your potato fix!​

Potato Wedges​

These grin-shaped wedges are sure to put a smile on your face after snacking on them with your favorite refreshing drink!​

Chicken Strips

Tender chicken strips with a light crunchy coating are the perfect match for any of Kerrimo’s refreshing drinks!

Chimozza Fries​

Rumor has it this cheesey combo is the best one for snacking! gooey, golden fried mozza sticks and lip-smackingly good flavoured fries plus chicken strips come together to make the perfect movie companion, commute partner, or study buddy!​

Chick Fries

Enjoy the unbeatable combo of deliciously tender chicken and your favorite flavoured fries anywhere and anytime!

Mozarella Sticks

Gooey, stringy cheese
wrapped in a crunchy crust, great for a quick cheesy snack!

All Fries

Tasty and crispy fries that come in flaming hot barbecue, sour cream, and savoury cheese.

Basta cravings mo, Kerrimo

Got a suggestion for a new snack?
We’re always exploring the possibilities of pushing snacking boundaries!
Let us know your suggestions!

Our double deckers are available in:




Double Decker

The Kerrimo signature two-in-one treat makes serial snacking easier for anyone always on the go! Tasty treats on the top deck that’s fit to satisfy any craving, coupled with a refreshingly cool drink on the bottom deck for a complete and unbeatable snack combo.

All Fries

The best thing about these potato fries is that they’re so simple but so irresistible! Enjoy them fresh from the fryer, either plain, cheesefied, or barbecued! You’ll never go wrong snacking on these treats!

Kerrimo Party Packages

Bring the two-in-one fun to your parties! Enjoy your favorite signature Kerrimo flavoured fries or combined with chicken strips or mozzarella sticks, plus refreshing drink choices in that iconic all-in-one Kerrimo cup that you know and love! Book us for your next party and have a snacking-good-time! Packages start at P5,500.